The Top Features You Want in a Military Truck

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Thursday, Feb 8, 2018 | 379 views

Military vehicleMost people would rather live in a world that didn’t need weapons of war. Still, military vehicles are some of the most intriguing vehicles to car lovers around the globe. That’s because many of these beasts come equipped with features that most petrol heads can only dream of. Here are four of the coolest features that make some military trucks so interesting.

Easy to drive

Most people think that military trucks are horrible to drive around. Well, compared to the average car, some military trucks can be rather stressful to drive and impossible to use as an everyday vehicle. Not so with most Volvo military vehicles, which are surprisingly easy to drive around. These vehicles have a lot of low-speed power and a transmission that can shift like a car.

Built to protect

Ordinary trucks will always experience wear and tear. But military trucks are something else. They are designed to endure the threats of the battlefield, including traversing through rough terrains. The vehicles come with blast protection, making the drivers feel invincible. These rugged features are the stuff of fantasy for many car lovers.


Military truck designs may appear rigid, but you’ll be surprised by how many upgrades are possible with them. Most military trucks are built using a flexible and reconfigurable approach, making it easy to upgrade the commander and driver displays. For some trucks, even the engine compartment can accommodate an engine upgrade.

Fuel efficiency

Historically, military vehicles tended to be fuel guzzlers. That’s expected, given the fact that military vehicles are heavyweight compared to most ordinary vehicles. But with new designs, military cars are increasingly becoming more lightweight and surprisingly fuel efficient, delivering many more payload-ton miles per gallon than ever before.

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When shopping for a military vehicle, you want to get something that not only meets today’s expectations but also embraces the future. Fortunately, many of the modern military trucks contain these cool features, and you only need to be diligent to find the right truck.

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