Three Useful Tips in Choosing a Search-and-Rescue UTV

Paramedics lifting patient onto emergency vehicleWe have seen a rise in the use of the utility vehicle (UTV) in recent years. The application of the search-and-rescue UTV in the fire, police, and EMS include police search and rescue, medical evacuation of patients in a remote location, and stopping wildfires.

UTV proves to be essential in medical, fire, and police work, more and more organizations are looking to purchase one. Here are three essentials steps to ensure that you are getting quality.

Determine your needs

There are a lot of UTVs to choose from in today’s market and not knowing what you will use it for won’t help you in zeroing in on one. You have to be clear on what role the UTV will play in your organization. Will you use it for medical emergencies, for fighting fires, or another purpose?

What type of geography and typography is present in your main response area? You need to determine if you are mainly going to use it in a swampy or hilly area, in the grasslands or the dessert. Answer these types of questions about your organization and choose a model that is consistent with your needs.

Understand the UTV

Once you have zeroed in on one particular model, it is important that the personnel assigned to drive and maintain the UTV understands how to operate the vehicle, its design and limitations, and the environment where it is most suitable. It is likewise essential to ensure their safety.

Inspect seat belts and make sure that everybody involved knows the weight capacity of the entire unit. The safety of the UTV driver and maintenance personnel should be everybody’s concern.

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Make maintenance a priority

Being used as a tool in saving lives in search and rescue operations will create wear and tear in the UTV. It is ideal to develop a standard operating procedure (SOP) in maintaining the unit to ensure that your organization’s personnel and those needing search and rescue are safe.

A search-and-rescue UTV is essential in saving lives. Follow these three important steps to ensure that your organization is getting the best one out there.

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