Tire Disposal Method All Construction Companies Should Use

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Friday, Aug 11, 2017 | 350 views

Truck Dumping A Crate Full of TiresEvery year, construction companies generate massive amounts of heavy equipment scrap tires from their operations. This is a byproduct of their safety protocols, wherein they have to replace tires that are already in disrepair.

Through the help of an experienced and environmentally committed tire disposal facility, construction companies can worry less about liabilities associated with the proper management of the scrap parts their heavy machines generate. These organizations use specialized OTR tire disposal equipment, allowing them to turn these unwanted and unusable scraps into other products of value.

From Trash to Cash

One of the biggest concerns all construction companies have is what happens after they bring in their scrap tires to a disposal facility. It all depends on where they bring it, but in general, lawfully abiding recycling businesses process and transform these into products that can serve other purposes and functions.

For instance, they turn the tires into premium rubber mulch, which many schools invest in for a safer and more secure playground surfacing. They also recycle OTR scrap tires into mulched water tanks that are now becoming more popular in the agricultural industry. Recycled rubber buffings are some of the other products these facilities can create with the use of tire scraps.

The Green Way To Eliminate Potential Disposal-Related Liabilities

Improper disposal of OTR tires come with serious liabilities to construction companies. For this reason, you need to work with tire recycling firms that understand the stakes and take them seriously. 

Choose a reliable and legally abiding recycling facility, as some repair or salvage tires that are supposedly for disposal. These pose serious safety and security hazards to organizations that may end up buying them. 

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As the last thing you want to happen is to put others at risk, you should work only with recyclers that have an impeccable reputation of protecting their clients against liabilities.

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