Tire Issues: 4 Ways to Inspect Your Wheels Properly

Closeup image on hands choosing a car tireAs you head off somewhere and drive your car, you probably wouldn’t think about checking your tires and wheels. Many drivers assume that as long as the car is running, everything is okay. The only time they’ll look into this part of their ride is when they notice something’s wrong.

That shouldn’t be the case. Part of your duty as a driver is to inspect your tires to ensure that you’ll run with no trouble. Performing a quick safety check could go a long way in terms of your car’s performance and reliability.

That’s why to help do this, car expert Shadetree Automotive suggests these steps to help inspect your tires and wheels.

1. Take a look at the tread depth

A simple step to check if the tire’s tread has a decent length is by simply placing a penny in between. Once the head of Lincoln becomes visible, it’s an indication that replacement is in due.

2. Beware of cracks or wear on tires

Before driving your car somewhere, it is important that you consistently check it for any signs of cracks on the surface. The presence of cracks in your tire only means that the rubber is almost at its limit and that comprehensive tire repair service in Clearfield will be needed soon.

3. Check for any punctures or unusual markings and bulges around the tires

Inspect your tires closely and see if there’s any protruding objects or ruptures around it. If there is, it’s smart to postpone your trip for now and focus on addressing the issue first.

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This is so you could continuously enjoy a smooth and stress-free ride

4. Check the tire pressure.

Ensure that all the tires have the right amount of air. You may refer to the owner’s manual to know the recommended pressure for each tire. Having a properly pumped car ensure safe handling and smooth travel as well as improve your ride’s fuel efficiency. One quick reminder, along with comprehensive car service, don’t forget to check the alignment of your tire at least once every year.

Follow these simple tire checkups to enjoy a safer and more efficient ride. You’ll be surprised by the number of benefits it can offer you when done regularly so be sure you keep these reminders in mind.

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