Travel Scams That Airport Shuttle Services Will Help You Avoid

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Wednesday, Jun 27, 2018 | 268 views

Couple traveler at a cliffWhether you’re a first-time or occasional traveller, it’s advisable you hire private airport shuttle services to get you to your destination. Not only will doing that be a convenient means to reach there, but it will also save you money.

A greater reason to hire an airport shuttle is to stay free from some of the scams that travellers encounter. Some of the typical travel scams include:

An Overbooked Hotel

Your taxi driver could lie that the hotel you had booked is full and recommends another hotel at a distant place. You’ll end up paying more rates on transport and get to a facility that’s not of your choice. But, still here, while your airport shuttle service provider will take you to the hotel you had booked, it’s advisable you confirm its status early.

Non-functional Meter

Taxis use a metre to calculate the transport cost to your destination. Some taxi drivers will tell you that the metre is broken and can’t take accurate readings. That’s usually an opportunity to overcharge you.

Accidental Spill

As you move around, an individual may bump into you and spill a drink on you intentionally to distract your attention from your belongings. The person will then steal your valuables as you concentrate on cleaning the spill.

The Good Samaritan

Con artists pretend to be helpers who want to help you carry your goods from one place to another. Others will offer free tour guide services and consultancy services. Don’t listen to any of these, as most of them don’t act in good faith.

Travelling to new places can be daunting, especially, in knowing you have to handle some of these travel scams. Even occasional travellers fall victim due to naivety. However, you can hire private shuttle services to take you from the airport to your booked hotel. You’ll hardly interact with outsiders and or fall victim to these travel scams.

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