Types of Scrap Metals and What They’re Worth

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Friday, Sep 18, 2015 | 758 views

scrap metalGot some scrap metals in your backyard? When you want to get rid of them, do so by selling them to recyclers in Brisbane. That way, you free your surroundings of junk and also earn extra cash.

From ferrous metals to non-ferrous types and electronics, all these can be recycled. To begin, know what kind of metal you’re selling. You’ll know the value of your metal by assessing it using a magnet.

Ferrous metals will stick to a magnet, while non-ferrous ones will not.  Because manufacturers use non-ferrous metals to make valuable recycled products, scrapping them can be worth your time, as they’re worth more money.

Types of Non-Ferrous Metals

Copper – It’s one of the most wanted metals, with buying prices between $2 to 4 per pound. Copper is in good condition when it’s reddish in colour and darker brown when worn out. Plumbing pipes, gutters and common electric wires contain copper.

Brass – This metal is a type of alloy with a buying rate of $ 1 to 2 per pound. It’s a heavy metal with yellowish colour. Examples include keys, plumbing fixtures and door handles.

Aluminium – Like steel, it may not be worth a lot of money. But it’s easier to recycle and helps save energy by up to 80%.

Steel – Being one of the most common types of metals, and one that easily rusts, this is one of the least lucrative in recycling shops. Collecting a thousand pounds of it and selling them to Brisbane scrap metal recyclers can still be worth some money, though.

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The difficulty of dismantling the metal also affects the profitability of scrapping. Either you or the buyer does the dismantling; it will take time and technology to do it. Big recycling companies use advanced technology to do it, fortunately.

Find opportunities to make money out of scrap metals. Go and sell them to the right place.

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