Understanding the Basics: The Different Types of Machine Metal Cutting Equipment

Different Types of Machine Metal Cutting EquipmentCompanies ordering metal should make sure that the material meets the specifications of a certain job. Kenro further recommends that these companies should specify the size and shape of the metal when ordering from a metal manufacturer. This will help them when they need to fabricate products out of the material.

Although it is possible to cut the metal manually most of the time, there are jobs wherein the material is too robust for manual metal cutting. In this scenario, companies would need to employ machine metal cutting, which comes in various forms.


This process uses the sharp point of a cutting tool to remove the top layer of metal to a fixed size. It rapidly spins the metal using a device such as a lathe.


Drilling is used to bore holes of a pre-determined size into the metal. It utilises a drill bit and a combination of rotation and force to drill right through the thick material.


This makes use of a grinding machine to make the surface of the metal smooth and turn it into a high quality product. A grinding machine consists of an abrasive wheel, which spins while in contact with the metal. This process eventually wears the surface down.

Burning or Welding Technologies

As the name implies, this machine applies heat to the surface of the metal. The increase in temperature will eventually soften and break the metal along a carefully delineated line.

Laser Cutting

The laser cutting method involves aiming an intensely concentrated beam of light reduced to a tiny dot at the metal. Due to the high concentration of light and heat, the dot can cut and form precise metal shapes. The focus and accuracy of the laser beam results in a very neat cut and an excellent finish.

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Water Jet Cutting

Using erosion technology to accurately cut metal, water jet cutting mimics the effect of water upon metal in a natural environment at a highly accelerated rate. This is ideal for metals that are sensitive to the effects of heat.

Companies can take advantage of these various metal cutting processes to fabricate products using their metal. Furthermore, it will ensure that businesses are able to obtain the finished material they need in a timely manner.

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