Utes Continue to Remain as NZ’s Favourite Vehicle

White Triton UteKiwis have long loved the one-tonne Utes, a love that has endured until today. In 2016, buyers continued to buy Utes over traditional passenger cars. More recently, last March, vehicle buyers registered 4,639 Utes in total.

Top Four Utes

Are you looking for a new Ute to use as a workhorse for both passenger and commercial purposes? The Ford Ranger, the Toyota Hilux, and Holden Colorado currently remain the top three most popular commercial and passenger vehicles as of March 2017.

You can consider any of the three, or you can also choose the fourth most popular Ute: the Mitsubishi Triton.

 Expanded Models

Earlier in the year, Mitsubishi unveiled a 2017 update to its popular Ute range. From 11 models, the range has expanded to 14 models. The additional three models include an automatic Single Cab, an automatic Club Cab Chassis, and a manual Club Cab Wellside.

 New Features

These models come in 2WD and 4WD VRX. Along with the drivetrain, they come packed with new features. You can get new leather seats with the front seats heated, the Smart Phone Link Display Audio that can work with Apple Carplay or Android Auto.

You can also get upgrades to the exterior of the Triton; the new 2017 models have a dark pewter chrome grille.

 Better Safety

The manufacturer has further improved the safety features of the Triton as well. All Triton models come with the new Day Time Running Lights, which maximises how much you see the road. You can also get either a 6 or a 7-inch touchscreen interface that has a reversing camera feature.

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You can choose to get an accessory camera with the Cab Chassis models.

Utes may continue to be the favourite vehicle of New Zealand. An Auckland motor vehicle dealer offers the Triton 2017 as well as other new vehicles. It also offers used vehicles, Auckland servicing, parts, vehicle financing and auto insurance coverage. They can be your one-stop shop when purchasing a Ute.

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