Vehicle Towing: Safety Guidelines to Avoid Further Damage

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Tuesday, Mar 29, 2016 | 539 views

Tow Truck in PerthHaving your car towed by patrol officers may be due to a number of reasons, the most common of which is violating the law. It may be because you had excessive parking violations, blocked the roadway, or carried a suspended driver’s license.

Having your car towed, however, doesn’t always mean you violated a rule. One good reason is if your car broke down. In this case, you need assistance to tow your car safely and avoid blocking the path of other vehicles. Here’s what you should do if you encounter car trouble on the road.

Move Your Car Out of the Way

If your vehicle is showing signs of trouble on the road, make the first move to get your car to the side of the road. Based on a recent report in Australia, WA’s towing industry has dramatically increased in the past five years. In Perth, drivers can get tow trucks conveniently for assistance. Keep in mind that every towing business operates differently, so familiarise yourself with the standard procedures of towing services.

For instance, a driver should make a call to his insurance company first, to inform them that the vehicle needs towing. Some of these insurance companies work with towing services and would take care of sending one to your location.

Keep Lights On and Observe Car Parts

If your car is stuck on a busy highway, turn on your hazard lights and continue to keep them on while waiting for the tow truck. Be alert and carefully observe your brake lights and other car parts, as well as the lights of an oncoming towing service. When your vehicle is safely chained to the tow truck and being pulled, you should properly steer and stop your vehicle in coordination with the tow truck.

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Towing may be your last option if you encountered serious problems on the road. If the car’s power steering is malfunctioning, chances are the engine and brakes are also affected, which may lead to additional road accidents. If this is the condition of your steering system, you need to be extra alert and careful.

Use Lighting Over Signage

The best alert mechanisms on the road are flashing or hazard lights, as they are more noticeable to other drivers. Putting a sign that says “Towed Vehicle” at the back of your car is not as effective as towing lights. To avoid additional road problems, use towing lights instead.

Keeping the car key in accessory position will prevent further damage to the steering system. If the brakes are working, maintain light pressure. Keep an eye on your vehicle’s temperature. If it rises suddenly or the oil pressure drops quickly, this is an indicator of a mechanical failure.

The only thing that’s worse than your car being towed is your car colliding with another or breaking down in the middle of the highway. Still, even though a professional towing service is helping you pull your damaged vehicle to a repair shop, this shouldn’t cause you to lower your guard on the road. Continue to observe safety during towing; it’s one way you can get rid of that fear that would arise after your road accident.

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