Warehouse Efficiency: 2 Improvements to Consider

Inside of a warehouseIf you run a busy logistics company, then you’re likely to be loading and unloading containers on a regular basis. While high traffic of containers is good for your bottom line, it might prove to be a logistical nightmare.

To avoid such eventualities, you need to improve your handling capacity and streamline your entire operation. Running a tight ship ensure that you create a safe work environment and improves service delivery. Here are some pointers to help you improve shipment accuracy and customer satisfaction.

1. Optimise the available space.

Most warehouses choose to optimise their space usage, which leads them to increase their footprint. Instead of going after a larger warehouse, consider improving the use of vertical space.

Taller storage units and their associated equipment are a real cost savers. You get to store more in the same square footage instead of incurring additional rental fees.

Again, consider shaking up your racking system and customising it to suit different storage needs. An improper storage system increases the likelihood of misplacing items and wasting precious space. Misplacing items also wastes costly workforce and could result in undue delays in filling orders.

2. Harness the power of technology.

The importance of having the right technology in your warehouse cannot be understated. It makes the difference between running a smooth operation with clockwork precision and a jumbled-up operation that has you walking on walls.

Warehouse technology lets you track and monitor every aspect of your operation from pickups to deliveries. It can also help you plan your layout in a manner that promotes efficiency and quick access.

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For instance, you can group the fast-moving good near the front of the warehouse to reduce the travelling distance. Shaving delivery times would also mean that you get work done quickly, which means you don’t keep your workers late, saving on overtime.

The key to running a successful warehouse lies in improving its operational efficiency. It means that you can fill orders quickly and avoid undue delays much to the delight of your clients.

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