What Does Hard Braking Do to Your Car?

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Thursday, Aug 13, 2015 | 840 views

Are you wondering why your brakes wear out faster than usual? It may be because of hard braking; this not only damages your brakes, but it also leads to other car problems.

Brake Damage

Red carHard braking occurs when you exert more force than usual to slow down or stop. The added stress you put on the brake system wears it out faster, resulting in severe or permanent damage. Driving with broken or damaged brakes increases the possibility of a traffic accident or car crash.

Frequent hard braking leads to deterioration; signs of damage will start to show. You will begin to hear odd noises when you brake, a slower response, irregular movements and the warning lights flashing more often.

Replacing your old and broken brakes with a quality kit ensures performance and longevity. Brembo brake kits from retailers like AllStarTire.com offer drivers the durability they need to rely on the road.

Tire Damage

Breaking too suddenly exerts a higher level of friction and force on your wheels resulting in damage and wear. Worn tires will be more difficult to control on different surfaces. The possibility of sliding and getting into an accident rises.

Waste of Fuel

There are different factors that affect fuel consumption. Hard braking and quick acceleration may reduce gas economy by as much as 5% while driving in town, and 33% on the freeway. Inefficient fuel consumption leads to more expenses and less savings.

Lower Car Performance

Hard braking affects the performance of your car because the damage it causes dominoes to other parts of your vehicle. It wears out the wheels, acceleration, deceleration, cornering, maneuverability and other driving features.

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You won’t be able to drive your car the way you want to because of the damage to the brakes and other parts.

Hard braking is avoidable, as long as you follow speed and traffic rules. Avoid tailgating, accelerating too quickly, speeding and other dangerous driving behaviors. Knowing the damage done by stepping on the brakes suddenly will help you prevent car crashes and keep your car in top shape.

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