What You Need to Stand Out in NYC

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Saturday, Oct 14, 2017 | 346 views

PorscheNew York City is where a nobody goes to be somebody. Strangers turn to friends and eventually connections, and before you know it you’re trading your shoebox apartment for the penthouse. The climb isn’t so drastic for those born in NYC with their riches working for them. But it doesn’t matter where you come from; you stand out in NYC if you have the following:

A Luxury Car

No one wants to drive a car in NYC, relying instead on the subway system, cab drivers, or their chauffeur to take them places. But if you do decide to drive, it has to be something worth the trouble. A Porsche, for instance, can easily turn heads once it hits the streets. Now that’s one sure way to get people talking about you.

A Reservation

It’s almost impossible to get a free table anywhere good when it’s dinner service. You need to be decisive about where you want to eat so that you can set a reservation days in advance. Don’t be like those people chancing upon a cancellation, waiting outside the restaurant in hunger. Be one of those ushered right in because, well, you were smart enough to secure your spot in advance. This one doesn’t require a lot of common sense, but it does require that you know your schedule beforehand. And in NYC, whose schedule isn’t always changing to accommodate important things?

A Posse

Now, this word might be riddled with negative connotations the first time you hear it, but in New York, you need a group of friends to take you places. That friend who works in public relations can be your ticket to product launches and events. That gallery owner can introduce you to upcoming artists to watch out for. That photographer can help you improve your Instagram profile to make it look more professional. Everyone contributes something to the table; it’s for everyone’s mutual benefit.

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Whether you’re a native New Yorker or you’re moving into the city, you need to learn the works. Don’t just survive; stand out.

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