Where Big MEWPs are Simpy Too Large, Personnel Lifts Rule

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Friday, Feb 19, 2016 | 579 views

Scissor LiftBeing big and powerful has its merits, but it also comes with a slew of cons. This is no more apparent than in the task of MEWPs (mobile elevating work platform). Where scissor lifts may do a great job out in the streets, they fail miserably in the office.

When you need some lifting done within the premises of your workplace, you need not look away from the convenience of a small work platform. You can easily slip one right through the door.

Too Big a Job for the Powerful

Scissor lifts and cherry pickers are certainly in their best environment outside. With a big platform, Galmon.com says scissor lifts have become a favourite, even among many students who want to add pizzazz to decorating an event. In contrast, the flexibility of cherry pickers has made it a favourite for many repair jobs (e.g., electrical, cable, phones) in the streets.

As powerful as these machines are, however, they may be too unwieldy inside the office. Not only are they too big to fit the door, they’d create chaos operating inside your office much like a T-Rex would.

Though smaller versions of both scissor lifts and cherry pickers exist, they may still fall short in providing the same convenience offered by a personnel lift when it comes to indoor use.

Best for Portable Work

Equipped with a platform that fits at most two people, personnel lifts are perfect for your office as they can be easily moved-in, getting through your door in a breeze. Even in very narrow and tight spaces, this small MEWP moves through easily with no hassle.

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You can choose battery-powered personnel lifts that can be charged overnight for whole day use the next day. This greatly reduces your electric consumption.

Traditional MEWPs will cost you a fortune – unlike affordable personnel lifts. Using one would seem like shooting a squirrel with a cannon.

Next time you need to get work done inside the office, you know what exists to give you a lift – in a jiffy.

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