You can be a Good Samaritan Alright but Do Yourself a Favor and Let the Pro’s Do It

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Wednesday, Aug 5, 2015 | 427 views

roadside assistance in AuklandWhen bumping into someone on the road who needs vehicle assistance, heart matters. You could be helping somebody who needs help badly: a would-be mother about to give birth or an ailing granddaddy who is in the middle of a heart attack. But before you throw yourself into the fray, the best way to help is to call the professionals for their assistance.

Not only will it be safer for you, it will be safer for the person in need. Life and death situations may prove to be a vital sticking point, but even if you are a doctor or an auto mechanic, letting qualified roadside assistance and corresponding authorities into the case pays huge dividends for everybody in the picture.

Best for Everyone

The trick is to plan which roadside emergency assistance you need, and to keep them in easy reach in case of a road catastrophe. Easily, you can be pulled into a messy scenario that could turn ugly before you even realizing it, Counties Towing warns.

The Good Samaritan

The way of the Good Samaritan was the guiding light of early motorists. Local motoring clubs thought it smart to create support for their members doing so by encouraging each other to lend a hand. In the UK, for instance, numerous clubs like the Royal Automobile Club (RAC) were formed in 1897 and the Americans had their American Automobile Association (AAA) in 1902.

At the onset, that set-up was workable with minor repairs. However, pretty soon with the advent of more complicated automobiles, the need for specialists became apparent.

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There is a danger that you could be facing a potential robbery in the process. Or a collision. You might say: ‘That is rather farfetched, mate’! But as much as the movies are a reflection of real life, it’s possible.

Synergy works best when the job needs to get done right – even on the road. And though being a Good Samaritan is a good start, using your head and not just your heart is paramount.

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