You Can Say No to These Upsells From Your Mechanic

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Wednesday, Mar 30, 2016 | 431 views

Car Mechanic in RotoruaCar ownership comes with a bevy of activity including regular visits to the repair shop. With the recent economic downturn, people tend to keep their vehicles for a longer period, which increases the amount of wear and tear on them.

Older cars require more attention from a reliable mechanic than relatively newer cars. While visiting a motor repair shop keeps your vehicle in good running condition, it can sometimes prove an expensive affair. Unscrupulous mechanics often find smart ways of inflating your bills with these unnecessary upsells.

Preventive oil changes

As a rule of thumb, most manufacturers recommend that you change the oil in your car’s engine every three or five thousand miles. While that would hold true in the olden days, advancement in the oil industry renders it untrue. The oil currently on the market have longer longevity, clocking up to ten thousand miles while synthetic oil can go up to fifteen thousand. Be careful, though, if you drive along a rough, dusty road or tend to use your car infrequently, don’t let the oil carry beyond five thousand miles.

Changing air filters along the oil change

Air filters keep dirt and debris from entering into the car’s engines thereby saving you from a ton of trouble while increasing fuel combustion. Service shops tend to advise clients to change these filters with an oil change, which is a bit misleading. Many OEM recommends a replacement every 30,000 miles, except when driving in the particularly dusty environments. Nevertheless, it is prudent to have them inspected with every oil change, according to LRC Automotive, a motor repair shop operating in the Rotorua area.

Inflating tyres with nitrogen

Some pundits argue that filling your tyres with nitrogen improves your fuel economy since the tyres retain the pressure for longer. Given that the regular air contains 78 percent nitrogen, the difference is negligible and not worth the premium cost.

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A careful examination of the upsells from a service shop helps you make a better buying decision and keep them from ripping you off.

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