Your Basic But Essential Checklist for Buying a Used Motorcycle

by Bronson Motor Speedway | Thursday, Sep 13, 2018 | 217 views

photo of a motorcycle and two men shaking handsMotorcycles are a popular option for those who prefer speed and mobility, but there are those who prefer used bikes because of their affordability. Before you finally make that ultimate choice, there are many things to consider, so you don’t end up with a dud.

Southpaw Motorsports shares some reminders when buying used motorcycles in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Check the Paperwork

First and foremost, the bike’s documentation should be complete. Check the bike’s VIN, both on the papers and on the body of the bike. If something seems suspicious, such as visibly tampered details, then you might want to look for another vehicle. In addition, don’t settle for motorcycles with missing documents, as these are signs that it’s in a sketchy condition.

Inspect While Cool

Call early and inform the seller to leave the bike cold. Inspecting the bike in that condition will show possible problems when you start the bike and you’ll be aware of its performance during the first few minutes of operation. Problems, such as difficulty with the ignition and alarming noises coming from the engine, can be hidden by starting the bike in advance. Being unaware of these issues can create problematic situations and cause additional expenditures in the future.

Require a Test Drive

Don’t settle for pre-ride checks and the words of the seller about the vehicle. Make it clear that you want to do a test drive before finalizing the deal. Unless there is something wrong with the motorcycle, the seller has no reason to turn you down. Get a feel of the bike; check the brakes and inspect the gear to see if it’s working properly while you’re riding it. Check its power and maneuverability since you don’t want any accidents happening right after your purchase.

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It’s normal to want the best even if it means buying a secondhand item. The same applies to buying a motorbike, but remember that there’s more at stake here. Your safety should also be considered, so make sure the unit that you’re buying is still in peak condition.

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